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Well, the word count for my current ms is going up and up! I love it. The story gets more exciting as I go along. I'm anxious to see what develops between Levi and Summer. Here's an excerpt from a scene I'm working on. Levi's parents have suprised him with a visit and they were the ones surprised when they realize Pop-Princess Summer Sinclair is jamming with their son.

“Eat up, Son. I’m sure this is a far cry from those frozen pizzas you’ve probably been eating.”
Levi sat with his parents in the Lawson Lodge dining hall. The food was always excellent and tonight was no exception. Except his stomach didn’t feel good.
His treatment of Summer ate away at him. How could he have acted like that? Why had he acted like that? Other than feeling like he still owed his parents for his brother’s death. Although that thinking in itself was crazy, too. They still were bitter toward him. The excuse that they were worried about him was just that, an excuse.
They wanted to come and see if he’d changed. Felt any worse than he already did. Because they couldn’t get over losing their baby son, and his death was all Levi’s fault.
“What do you think that girl wants from you?”

Okay, so maybe Levi wonders the same thing? But that doesn't make him feel any better. He feels Summer is genuine, but it's him against the world. What do you think the odds are that these two will make it?

Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cuz, need a few more details before I can decide ! Lust is grand but it is no comparison to true love - so which is it, and on his or her part ? I also think that after the sentence about the food being good, there should be a comma, not a period prior to stating his stomach was not feeling well. Go figure, I write nothing and here I am telling YOU what to do ! So sorry........... (well maybe sorry) Anyhow, keep writing, I am looking forward to reading this one soon. So for now, be well, be safe, and be happy and I shall go check Christy's writing habits to make sure she is keeping up as well, I havent kicked her in the rear for a while !
Love you, miss you !!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I give...........Christy ? How do I post on your blog ? I am new to all of this and you certainly dont make it easy! I do see, however, that you are trying to write three things at one time - don't you think they could run in to one another ? Regardless, go girl, and keep writing.

Your Adopted Cousin

Connie Palmer said...

Lindy - the Mexico pics are great! I could just snatch some of those kids up and bring them home with me. I am book marking your blog site. I think I'm going to enjoy it very much!
Connie Palmer

Missy Tippens said...

Loved the excerpt! Now I'm going to go read the section I have in my little hands. :)


Belinda Peterson said...

Wendy---writing tips coming from you are greatly appreciated. I need all the help I can get. Will give more info later.
I haven't tried posting on Christy's blog but I"ll send her this way to see your comment. Maybe she can enlighten us. I"m so glad you're back.
Connie!!! Yeah!! I'm glad you visited. I hope you do come back. It's a great way to keep in touch.
Missy! I hope you enjoy the beginning. Let me know.

Thanks again to all who visited.

Christy LaShea Smith said...


You can still comment on my page, I guess the type is just smaller. But the comment option is still in the same place.

I'm not working on 3 things at once. The Broken Road is one I started about 3 years ago and decided it will be part of a 3 part series I'll pitch. It's half way finished, however no telling how long it will take me to revise the darn thing! My writing has changed in those years.

Where He Leads is just barely started, but fully outlined.

The Bridge Between is the one I'm trying to finish now.

Lindi, sorry to take up all your comment space with my stuff. I like your exerpt, but I think I need some more details to answer your question.

I'm glad you're working on this story! I liked the idea when you mentioned it way back when at one of our meetings! It sounds great! Keep up the writing! So proud for you!

Belinda Peterson said...

Christy take up all the space you want.
You can finish your stories. You have to. The world needs to read what you have to say.