Contest Winner and Word Count

Yeah to anonymous!(Wendy!) You are the winner of the word count contest.

I wrote 3015 words over Saturday and Sunday. Which brings my total manuscript up to 20031 words. 97 pages.
I'm going to continue to work a little longer tonight, hoping to cross the 100 page mark.
Thanks for tuning in Wendy!!! You know I love you.
There will be a dedication to you when I publish a book. I promise!


Angela Breidenbach said...

Oh Man! I didn't go onliine until tonight! I missed your contest. But you did fantastic! I have had a couple of great days like that too.
It spurs you on to do more. Congratulations on such an awesome feat.


Belinda Peterson said...

Ang!! I can believe I missed you. Well, I'll probably play again next weekend because it inspired me. I kept thinking, I can not go on the blog and post that I wrote 100 words. It has to be more!
It was great motivation for me.
So, stay tuned for next weekend. I'm going to shop around for something fun to give away this week.

Missy Tippens said...

I'm sorry I missed it, too! I've been online starting the college application process with my son. Oh boy. We have hours of online forms ahead of us!!

Great work this weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Lindi ! I can hardly be the winner when I am the only one who guessed ! Save your prize for another REAL contest !!! (Not that I wouldn't read it, I just feel like I cheated, was a rainy nasty day here yesterday and we both have colds so I got the pleasure of sitting around watching football and read one entire book and 200 pages of a second!) I love those days, they just dont happen often ehough, staying home an entire day. Congrats. on your writing, keep it up !! I only chose 1958 because it was a good year ! Be well, be safe, and remember those of 9/11.......... my parents 54th wedding anniversary as well. Love you !

Belinda Peterson said...

MIssy, I feel for you. Alex did most of that with David and Claire. Lenny and I were spared that misery. We're just dealing with the loan apps. Hmmmm. Fair trade off? You let me know.
I hope you feel better. I had a bit of a cold this weekend also. Did your teams win the football games?
And yes, 1958 was a VERY good year! Happy Anniversary to your parents, too. I hope all is well up there and you and Darrell get better! Now!

Anonymous said...

Nice talking to you, but sorry the birds were more important.....GEEZ woman, just kidding, my cats are #1 too ! Glad all is well there, hope you fell better as well. (Trust me, my shower made 100% difference!) Off to help Mom and Dad, they cant figure out how to attach pictures to e-mails, we have 4 phone lines going - gotta love the 70+ year old that are trying, and I certainly do !

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I'm sorry I didn't get over here in time. I've been logging on long enough to check email and I'm off again. Between my fIL's surgery, my sister's upcoming wedding, and the conference, I'll be swamped for the next two weeks. Congratulations on your word count.