Tomorrow is THE Day

Tomorrow is the day. Yes, the day.
The day I'm going to mail my partial to an editor at Harlequin Books. I received the request at the RWA National conference in July. I have a synopsis ready, my chapters are complete. Tonight I will print them out, attached a cover letter and trust the package to the US Postal Service tomorrow morning.
I'm excited, yet slightly anxious.
She asked for a partial not the full. At first I was a little disappointed. Usually, the editors almost always ask for a full manuscript from an unpublished author because they want to make sure they have written a whole book.
So, like I said, when she asked for a partial, I was a little bummed. But then I realized how much better that was for me since I hadn't finished the book yet. I could get a partial (synopsis and about the first 50 pages) off to her much quicker than if she had requested the whole book.
So, yeah! That part rocked.
Now, I have to pray she wants to see the full manuscript after reading the partial. If she doesn't, then there goes that book with that editor. And that house.
But, I'm not going to borrow trouble.
I'm sending the partial, writing to the finish like crazy, entering the Golden Heart contest for unpublished authors, while I wait for the request to see the full manuscript.
Ahhhh.....the joys of writing!


Anonymous said...

You go girl !! Best of luck to you, hope you hear back real soon. I was really checking in to make sure that you made the post office this morning !

Jill's Jibberish said...

Ok kiddo......Be sure to keep the faith & finish that book so you have it when she asks for it.

Belinda Peterson said...


Fession time.. I haven't made it to the post office yet...but I will. This week.
I'm having trouble with Office 2007..Chapter headings and page numbers on the same document!!! How do you do it?
Anyway, this week. I'm either mailing Thursday morning or Friday morning.
I'll take my picture at the post office and print it.

Anonymous said...

Ok, its Friday............do you know where your book is ??

Belinda Peterson said...

Yes, I do know. My book is on it's way to New York!!

Yes, it is. I promise.

Missy Tippens said...

Yee haw!! :)

Can't wait to hear you got that request for a full. :)

Belinda Peterson said...


That's what I'm hoping for!!