It's almost September and do you know where your summer went? I'm not sure I do. Both of my children are back at college, the traffic is congested with the typical school buses and cars on the road.
Yes, summer is almost over.
But we can look at it a different way.
Fall is just beginning.
I love beginnings, don't you?
Full of promise, hope, expectations.
And hopefully cooler weather.
What are your favorite things to do in the fall? Walk, play an outdoor sport? How about raking leaves? I know everybody loves to do that, huh?


Anonymous said...

You dont rake leaves, you rake pine needles !!! If you want to come and rake leaves (although the day and age of the blowers has taken over) wait until about the first week of November then maybe you could be so lucky as to get the snow shovel out as well !
Yes, beginnings are good, however, fall is not one of them as it is the ultimate beginning to the snow that will follow. I will admit though that the fried cheese and french fries at the county fairs is something to look forward to !!!

Belinda Peterson said...

I do remember that fried cheese you introduced me to.
And no, I wouldn't look forward to shoveling snow. Not all at.
Glad to see you back!!
Missed you much!