I've talked about the kids in Mexico. What a joy. But there were also adults who made our trip such a blessing. Below is Grace, Pastor Gonzalo's wife, and Laura, who was our interpreter when we did VBS. Both ladies have such a heart for God and it was a pleasure to meet them and spend time with them.

here is Pastor Gonzalo with his sword of the spirit. As I mentioned before, we did VBS with the verses from Ephesians regarding the full armor of God. Everyone on our team signed the sword of the spirit and we gave it to Pastor Gonzalo.

This is Pastor Gonzalo, his wife Grace, and their son Marco. Pastor Gonzalo has an incredible story of how he came back to Mexico and had the idea for Pan de Vida. Through God, Pastor Gonzalo and his congregation are giving hope to the people in the surrounding areas. The whole atmosphere is something to be experienced. The love of God and the Holy Spirit are surrounding Pan de Vida in a mighty way.

There are more adults who were awesome to us. Stay tuned for their photos and stories.

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can we get the dvd to brenda? call me and let me know. i could take it tomorrow
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