Work Day 1-Pan de Vida

So, here we are, ready to work. But our tile hasn't arrived yet. So we adjusted our plan and did some other things.

Here are Patti and Kay and June doing some painting.

Lenny, Casey and I were putting in windows.

After working we went to the hotel, changed and got ready for VBS. VBS was in a different neighborhood. Lots of kids came. We did singing, a skit, a craft and a snack. We had an interpreter. The kids enjoyed all parts of the VBS. So did we. Here are a few photos.

This is Erika. She's the daughter of Laura, our interpreter. Erika is also a tambourine girl at the church. I'll have more on them and their fabulous routines later.
What we did for craft: We traced their feet and they colored or stickered them. This referred to the shoes of peace in the armor of God scriptures we were teaching.
Day 2 and more VBS pictures coming soon.

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Mindy Obenhaus said...

I just know you had an awesome time, Lindi. I'll bet it was an eye-opening experience. One that you will always remember.