The State Question

Hi all! Thanks for posting yesterday and congrats to Tiffany Gleason for winning the Passion CD.

Today's question is......

Mindy O. was away from her Texas soil earlier this month. And she was in my very favorite state in the whole United States.

What state?

The prize to day is another Passion CD. Sacred Revolution. Another awesome cd put out by the fabulous bands and artists that make up Passion.

Okay friends.....let's make some noise today!!

One more give-away tomorrow before the Grand Prize announcement on Sunday. So there's only today and tomorrow to get your comments in and your name in the hat one more time.

Good luck!!


Anonymous said...

Purrrrrrrr.......purrrrrrrr.....purr......... she was in WA.

Mindy Obenhaus said...

So why is [blank] your favorite state?
I've been lurking all week, mentally answering all the questions you posted, wishing I could win. But I figured I was probably out of the running since I'm a contributing member of F.A.I.T.H. Kind of like those disclaimers radio stations ramble off at the end their contest promos. Employees and their relatives are not eligable, etc, etc. . .
What fun week, Lindi. I hope everyone will keep checking in on F.A.I.T.H. We may have a contest coming up soon ourselves.

Anonymous said...

purr............purr...........purrrrrrrrrrrr...........For all of you that are not answering because you believe the prize has been won, I graciuosly decline todays prize as my Mom already won this week !!!

Belinda Peterson said...

hi there!!

Buckwheat! You def win the prize. NO contest!!

I've been very busyyyyyyy today!!

See you all later tonight and tomorrow.

Missy T said...

Was Mindy asking us what our favorite state is? If not, I'll answer anyway! :)

Well, I thought I would answer. But now I can't decide! And I truly can't pick.

I love GA, of course. And FL and AL for the beaches where we vacation! And love TN and NC for the mountains and fun vacations we've had there. And My Old Kentucky Home. Even after 20 years of living in GA, I feel the pull of home when we hit the KY border. Something about the rolling hills and farmland.

What about ya'll?

Missy T said...

Okay. It bugs me that I spelled y'all wrong. So I had to post again. :)


Anonymous said...

What happened to everyone today !! (yesterday I suppose it really is!) Get out there today and enter the contest !! Buckwheat feels all alone...........neglected........

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...
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Belinda Peterson said...

HI all,

I kind of fell off the boat yesterday in posting...just a very busy long day.

Thanks for keeping things going!!