The Marriage Question

Thanks for all who participated in day one. Are we having fun yet?
I hope so.

Day 2 book giveaway is another Steeple Hill Love Inspired book. This one is by Margaret Daley, titled A Mother for Cindy. It'a part of her Ladies of Sweetwater Lake Series and is a really good read.

So the question for day 2 is......

How long as Christy LaShea Smith been married?

First correct answer wins the book!!

And keep those comments coming.


Anonymous said...

Cousin Wendy says 9 years !

Belinda Peterson said...

Yeah Cousin Wendy!!!

You win!

I already have your address.

Christy LaShea Smith said...

Nine years to my high school sweetie! We dated 5 years before we got married so it's like we've grown up together, too!

Congratulations Wendy on your prize!


Anonymous said...


Congrats. on what you are doing !! Best of luck to you with your book (s) and your contest.


P.S. What happened to your blonde hair ?

Belinda Peterson said...

So I was a bad blog hostess today. Sorry. I had to work!!!

Thank Anonymous for visiting.
And Mr. Anonymous.

And thanks to Christy for coming to visit.

Cindy Woodsmall said...

I saw the ever-hidden husband last night! Any man that'll come by and pick up the little one from mom in the middle of an almost all female writer's meeting wins the good-hubby award.

You have a precious family, young Christy! ;-)

Melanie Bliss said...

It's Melanie just posting a comment....Hope all is well in everyone's world. Enjoy your contest, Lindi! We are proud of you!