The Brownie question

Welcome!!! Glad you're here. This is the first day of my first ever contest week. If I make mistakes, I'll learn, I promise. Bear with me!!!

This first book I'm giving away is a Steeple Hill Love Inspired book. It's a February 06 release by Mae Nunn titled Amazing Love. It's an awesome book!!! and I'd like to give others an opportunity (if you haven't already) to read it.

So the question of the day is.......(remember, go to the
F.A.I.T.H. blog to find the answer.

What is Missy Tippens favorite type of brownie?

The first person to answer correctly will win the book, but remeber to post a comment to be eligible for the "Grand Prize" drawing on Sunday.(The
Secrets of Stoneley Series from Steeple Hill Romantic Suspense. )

Thanks for participating. I know we're going to have a FUN week!!!!!


Tiffany said...

fudgy dark choclate kind

Anonymous said...

Cousin Wendy says the fudgy, dark chocolate kind.

Belinda Peterson said...

Tiffany!! Congratulations!
You're the winner of Amazing Love.
Email me your address and I'll get the book in the mail.
Wendy-thanks for posting.

Keep the comments coming to be eligible for the Grand Prize!

Missy T said...

Yum, yum! You all got it right! :)

Now I've got to go see if I have another brownie mix in the cabinet!! I'm having another craving. :)

Thanks, Lindi!


Anonymous said...

I thought you could leave the answer all day Monday ?

Belinda Peterson said...

Anonymous (Cousin Wendy?)
You can leave the answer all day..any comment gets you into the final drawing on Sunday.
But the first answer to get through right wins the prize of the day.
I probably didn't explain well, this is the first time I've done this. And my rules may be not the norm.
But anonymous you are entered for the final drawing. And if you post tomorrow your name will go in a second time.
So post my friend.

Belinda Peterson said...

Thanks Missy for giving us insight to your chocolate habit.
I think all writers are addicted.

Am I right?
(Probably non writers too!)

Anonymous said...

No my dear, you didn't indicate that at all, but you are forgiven. Did you tell all of your friends that you are really a blonde that died her hair dark??

Belinda Peterson said...

No, I didn't. But if you posted your picture here......

Dare you!!

Cindy Woodsmall said...

What I'd like to know is how I knew the answer to this question. Wild guess? Had she been eating one at Borders one night? Did we discuss it as part of a "how-to-write-better" lesson?

Hmmmmm. If we haven't discussed certain foods as part of our how-to-write-better lessons, we should!! :-o)

Missy, bring recipes . . . and plenty of samples.