She Said What?

My husband, son and I went to my husband's brothers for Thanksgiving. We had a great time with the family, and of course we had good food. There were a few missing from having to be elsewhere or they were sick. We hope all are well now.

We played a game called Catch-Phrase. There's this round thing-and it has a timer and a display screen. When you start you have to get your team to say the word, then you pass it on to the next team and they have to get their team to say the new word, and this goes on until that timer runs out. You don't want to be holding the thing when the timer goes off.

So, it was fun and we were having a good time. The thing gets passed to one of my team mates. She starts saying things like...when two people break up this happens to one of them....think of an organ...the one person is really this when a break up occurs...

Okay, so when she says the first line I say--"They stalk you." Well, his family started laughing. Then the organ thing and another of our teammates says something about the heart. Then when she gave the third clue I said "They try to kill themselves."
So everyone got a laugh at my responses and they commented on them for a moment, but really this is a game where you can figure some stuff out about people. Wow, what type of relationships have I had? Stalkers and people wanting to kill themselves? Yes, looking back I have had those experiences when breakups occured, but that has been years ago. I have been with my husband fifteen years now. I good, steady, safe, loving relationship.

Guess the old stuff still lingers huh?

By the way, the Catch Phrase we were looking for was "heartbreaker".

As writers we draw on experiences and reactions for our characters. No, I don't write suspense, but I do write humor. In some situations, there is nothing to do but laugh.

Do you have any experiences to draw from as a writer? Do you have any over all themes that keep popping up in your books? Readers, do you like a particular type of book for a reason?

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Angela Breidenbach said...

Yes, I keep finding that I really love to rely on the theme of God using my brokenness to help others. I really believe we can wallow in our brokenness or we can turn it into something useful and help someone else with what we've learned.

And Lindi, thank you for your kind comment on my blog:-D