Crowder and Such

The DC Band show last night was awesome! A group called The Myraid opened and then Phil incredible of a performer he is! He was sans band, just him and his guitar and man he can belt out some love to our Lord!

Then Crowder and Company stepped out on stage and electricity struck---the man can move an audiance. He is high energy and if you are in the same room you can't help but be caught up in it. The drummer has somehow managed to flip a Guitar Hero guitar into a guitar that Crowder played during one of the songs. That really vamped up the crowd. They (mostly a younger than me crowd) were loving it.

On a totally different note, Missy has a great author interview posted on her blog on debut author Julie Lessman. Go here to check it out.

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Christy LaShea Smith said...

Lindi, that sounds so cool! Crowder at the Tabernacle!

I'm looking forward to next Friday - headed to the Gwinnett Arena to see CASTING CROWNS!!!

Counting down the days...