Are you ever at a loss for words? Words that truly express the way you feel, the way your heart feels?
That's about how I've been this past week. In coversations with my husband and with Kay about God things I keep saying "I don't know."
There are things I do know. God's love-the freedom in God's love-the way God loves us. All that has been brought home to me this week. It's amazing, it's awesome, it's incredible.
What I don't know is what to do with it.
Where to go with it.
I can't sit around and not do anything with His incredible gift of Him to us.
I can't.
I write. That's something. But I need to do more.
If you are reading this, please pray for God's calling to me to be revealed. I think I'm thinking to hard. I've been praying. I'm trying to listen.

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Jill's Jibberish said...

Just be patient baby. You know God's time is not always your time. He will reveal His plans for you when it is right for you to know.

After all, He showed you that pretty blue dress yesterday. (And you thought that was a coincidence).

Love you bunches