Untravelled Road Contest--Day Two

Congratulations to Angie.
She won the Untravelled Road Band CD.

That was fun.

Now on to day 2's sentence.

The food at weddings is normally great. I remember one wedding they even had.......

Okay, let's talk about wedding food!!!!


Belinda Peterson said...

Okay. I have to add my 2 cents here. I went to a wedding that had a huge chocolate fountain. Omigosh!! What a treat.
There's a funny story to go along with it. I'll post it tonight when I announce today's winner.

Meg said...

...a man stirring up pralines in a huge copper kettle. It was a November wedding, thrown together in a hurry, and the only available venue was outside. It rained like crazy. Everybody was freezing. The pralines guy was popular partly because the candy was delicious but also because his kettle gave off HEAT!

Anonymous said...

I was once at a wedding where the ONLY food was a roasted pig and beer ! What a party !!! How do I post pictures here ? And by the way, your mother was wrong about the topic of the reunion, is was really "Lets TALK about Lindi and Lenny since they are not here." You missed a wonderful scanvenger hunt, the team with the four girls won, Wendy of course being the captain !! (Your Mom was on my team as well) I dont think anyone of them will get in a car with me again, but heck ? if you dont get there fast, you don't win ! Poor Darrell, getting introduced to the extended family ! We has people from Oregon, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, (and some NOT from Georgia) and Virginia ! I certainly am tired still and I dont think I have to eat at all this week !

Melanie Bliss (Lindi's stepdaughter) said...

I was once at a wedding that had a beautiful multilevel cake with fresh flowers that was placed in the the path of sunlight from a nearby window, and the cake began melting by the start of the reception. The florist added more flowers, the cake was served and was delicious, and most guests and bride did not know the difference. (The bride was ME - I found out about this near-disaster after our honeymoon!)

Christy LaShea Smith said...

Yes food is great at weddings, but I have to share another story about my wedding.

We walked into the reception hall and I started saying hello to the guests. I look around for Billy, my new hubby... because he's no where around.

Ah, the buffet of food.

There he is! He's first in line.

My wedding we had great food and the Groom was the first in line before all our guests!

Belinda Peterson said...

Again, great stories. Rainy November pralines----roasted pigs and beer??---a lopsided (although no one noticed) delicious cake---
and a groom gone to the buffet.

Another hour and a half and I'll pull another winner. This is a great CD...