Day Two Winner!!

The name of the day 2 winner which was drawn out of the pink and green polka dotted box is...............

Wendy!! (anonymous)

Thanks to all who participated. There is one more day, tomorrow, to comment and win.
So come back in the a.m. and we'll talk about unusual weddings.

Oh, yeah..My chocolate fountain story....

We were at the wedding where they had the chocolate fountain. They had everything to dip in this chocolate. They had these little cream puffs that were very good and my friend really liked them. She asked her husband to please get her another one.
Well, when he went over to do so, he passed the regular buffet, spotted a meatball and his wheels started turning. Yep, you guessed it. He dipped the meatball into the chocolate and when she bit into that thing....It got crazy from there!!!

YUK!!!!!!!!!Chocolate covered meatballs.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Gee thanks Lindi !!!! I am anxiouosly awaiting the CD - I still can't image Jeff Being this talented ! He was such a dweeb when we were growing up ! Kudos to him however on his upcoming marriage. Im sure you've heard the "news" by now, wish you would have been there to see the all the reactions !

Belinda Peterson said...

Congrats on winning the CD. YOu'll love it.

And, Uh, No......
No one's told me any news. They were probably under strict orders or something.
Are you willing to share?