Untravelled Road Band Contest--Day Three

Congratulations to Wendy!

She won the Untravelled Road Band CD from day 2.

Now for the last and final sentence.

The most unusual thing I've ever seen happen at a wedding was.....................

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!


j_bv said...

This one is easy. At Lindi & Lenny's wedding her children Brenna & Alex lit the unity candle for her side of the family. When Alex was done and bringing the candleholder down he accidentally (or was it?) stuck it up his nose. Several of use got a bad case of the giggles but Lindi & Lenny had no idea what happened.

Cindy Woodsmall said...

The bride was hours late, but sent a message that the dress needed a fitting and the cake wasn't ready etc.

So everyone sat in the church, waiting.

Yep, that's unusual ~ no cold feet, just disorganized ones;-)


Anonymous said...

Jill, I dont believe you dont remember Grandma Scott at Greg and Dianna's wedding? Grandma (my great-grandma, probably in her 90's) was walking to the church through the parking lot when her underwear fell to her ankles !!! I think it was quite a while before those in the lot at the time made it into the church for all of the laughing !!!!!!!

Melanie Bliss said...

The reception got so wild and crazy, and it was such a hot summer night, that all the groomsman took off their tuxedo shirts and jackets and wore only their black bow ties loosely around their necks while we danced as if there was no tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

GEEZ !!!!! Melanie got the Chippendales first hand !

Belinda Peterson said...

Omigosh!! These are funny! Do we have any more?

I guess I can add one. I was at a wedding where we were told by the people giving the programs that because the church had no center aisle, we could not---absolutely---could not stand when the bride came down the aisle. She wanted her hubby to be to be able to see her.
Well, apparently no one told the minister (who was also the brides grandfather) and we got a 20 minute or better sermon on respect and tradition before the wedding even began!!