Never give up---your asset

I hope Missy doesn't mind, but I"m going to share a quick story about a conversation she and I had this week. She had previously received a request from agent Beth Jusino for her full manuscript. A little bit of time has passed and Missy wondered if she should send a letter asking if she still wanted to see the full.
I immediately told Missy--No! Send her the full. Don't give her a chance to change her mind. Now I'm not a huge Apprentice fan, but I do watch occasionally and this week a guy was fired by Trump because he was willing to give up an asset.
"Never give up an asset!" said Trump. "You're fired!"
Okay, well Missy's not fired, but I think she's going to send the full. Soon. In this world of waiting, and waiting and waiting, we have to jump on every chance we get.

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