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My original chick-lit/romance novel, Girl in Waiting is on an editor's and agent's desk as I type. While I play the waiting game I'm busy working on the sequel, Loves Me, Loves Me Not. My heroine, Allison Doll is having a hard time trying to figure out if her dreamy ex-baseball player boyfriend really loves her or not. And if that isn't confusing her enough, God's not only not answering her prayers, she feels like she can't discern His will at all! Needless to say, Allison is spiritually, romantically and emotionally drained and confused. But since this is a romance, I"m sure there's a happy ending to be had. I'll let you know as I progress.

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Missy T said...

I love the new book idea!! Can't wait to read the chapters. (Downloaded them this morning.)

The new blog looks great!