Hi! Welcome to Belinda's Writing Journal

You don't have to be a writer to visit. Everyone is welcome. This is my way of reminding myself what's going on in my life, because we all know how crazy everything gets, and if I have some sort of place to post things, (as long as I can keep it up) maybe I'll be on a new and improved path to organization.


kayhodges said...

Dear Lindi,
This is great! Sorry I didn't get the email till today.. I have to go back and finish reading the rest of the blog. How did you do it, was it hard?
We will miss you guys this week, we never decided on a day to meet, did we?
God bless, and love ya,

Belinda P. said...

Kay, It was fairly painless getting it set up. And in all reality if I can do it, anyone can. Let me know if you want one and I"ll help.
And no, we didn't decide on a day. I'll look at my calendar again.
Love you girl!!!