Oh, deer, not again!

Yes, I spelled it right. Deer. As in those cute, tan-colored four-legged friends that live all around Ball Ground and the surrounding regions. Well, if any of you readers drive a white Toyota Solara, don't drive in Ball Ground. I think they're deer magnets. For the second time in less than six months I've hit a deer. This time I wasn't on the highway doing 65 miles an hour. I was on Hwy 5, doing about 45 talking to Missy.
"Oh, no. I hit another darn deer. I'll call you back." (I have hands free talking-I promise I was being safe!) Lenny was behind me because we were on our way home from bowling. He saw it all unfold. He saw the deer in the field, saw it take off toward the road, saw me not do a thing to miss it (I honestly didn't see it). Then our friends who we bowl with saw us and stopped also. We had quite a crowd. When the police woman came she said, "Did all of you hit the deer?" (Okay, actually she said, "Did all y'all hit the deer?")
Anyway, there's not near as much damage as last time. Everyone is well. Even the deer, I guess. He left. Didn't wait around for the nice police woman.
But I have evidence. His fur is still stuck to my crumpled hood.
I never imagined living in Ball Ground, Georgia could be so endeering!!!


Meg said...

I'm glad you're okay! Deer can do major damage to vehicles and people.

Belinda P. said...

Thanks, Meg. I'm glad in my cases is has been only to the vehicle. The insurance people must love me.

Missy T said...

Love your post title!! LOL

So glad the car is all fixed. You scared me to death that night! :)

By the way. When I hit a cow, it left fur in my crumpled quarter panel. Made me even madder when I saw it!