Meds and My Hubby And How Well He Knows Me

So last week I'm in Reno and after I get home on Tuesday I'm at the doctor on Thursday with a really bad sinus infection. I get a shot and a prescription for a z-pak and a nasal spray. The z-pak is for 5 pills, the insurance will only pay for 3 at a time, the pharmacy doesn't have the nasal spray. So, I have to go back on Friday for the nasal spray and order the other 2 z-pak pills.
When I get  home Friday I notice the nasal spray says to not stop taking unless you consult your doctor.  ??? I'm thinking.
I'm weird about medicine anyway. I have side effects that are crazy at times. And if you tell me it's possible I might have a side effect, I'm thinking I'm gonna have it.
Yesterday some of the family are chatting about how they read that Dr's. may quit prescribing z-paks. My ears perk up as I have 1 more pill to take.
Why is this? Why would they quite prescribing them?
Some long term permanent heart issues, I'm told.
I ask my hubby on the way home if he thinks I should take my last pill.
He says yes. Then he tells me he read that last week, but didn't tell me.
Yeah--he knows me all too well.
Oh, and I did take my last pill.
But I never did use the $30 nasal spray.

My daughter, her guy, me and my yes-he-knows-me-well hubby!


Ciara said...

I share your med issues. I'm always checking to see what the possible side affects are. LOL I hope you are feeling better!

Kate OMara said...

I don't like side effects either! The drug companies say if one person has the side effect they have to list it on the disclaimer but many times it's a one in a million chance. Then I think to myself, 'not if you're the one!'