Long Weekend :)

 We had an great Memorial Day weekend. Our Chicago Kids came into town, we had great food every day. Visited with a lot of the family and laughed a lot. Pool time was involved as well!

Now it's back to the work-week grind. But I guess if it wasn't for the work-week grind we wouldn't appreciate the fun long weekends that we have on occasion.


Chicago Kids!

Did you have a nice weekend?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Very relaxing and productive weekend!
Chicago kids - as in YOUR kids??? Do you have kids that old?

Lindi said...

Alex--glad you had a relaxing weekend. And yes, that's my son and his wife. :) They quit their ATL jobs, got an apt in Chicago and moved. Within 2 weeks they had jobs and are settling in very well. We miss them much, though, here in the ATL. They are the youngest of our bunch and the first to fly the coop!

And what did you mean my productive? Did you work? Hmmm...Don't make me feel guilty!