Now Introducing......

Our second longest running roommate is:
Jasper--(Quite the popular name now because of Twilight--although Jasper in Twilight is a little odd!)

We've had Jasper going on 13 years. He was dropped off at the pet store when hubby owned it. Jasper got along great with Shadow so we brought him home. He's my sweet, sweet kitty. He follows me everywhere, sits on my lap in the morning as I write. He sleeps with me every night. He purrs so loudly!!! He is a happy, lovable cat.
We can tell Japser misses Shadow. He's extra lovey-dovey since Shadow hasn't been here.
Jasper has taken to sleeping in my closet during the day. He climbs up on the highest rack and lays on my clothes. So if we ever can't find him we just look in the closet.

Any cat stories you'd like to share? Or just tell about your cat. We'd love to hear.

Check back tomorrow for the third in the brood.


lynnrush said...

I love that name, Jasper. Even before Twilight made it famous. LOL

Cute kitty, Belinda. :-)

Belinda Peterson said...

We didn't name the cat. He already was named. Our daughter now lives in a town called Jasper.