We've only had Lila about 2 years. Her owner became ill and couldn't take care of her anymore, so someone who knew we had birds asked if we could take her. So we did.
Lila is a Lilac Crown Amazon. She LOVES my hubby. We have her in our bedroom. When I walk in the room. Nothing. When Lenny walks in...whoo...does she get started. She makes all kinds of noise! She is thrilled.
Lila also loves peanuts. I mean really loves them.
She is a good bird, but one that stays in the cage. We don't handle her and I think she likes it that way. She's content for all of us to just talk and look at each other.

Any more bird stories out there? Or what about stories where people knew you were kind hearted and asked to you take in a pet that you hadn't planned on. Did it work out? Or not!
Check in tomorrow. We're going to have a little fun!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh. Lila is so pretty!

No stories here, just wanted to stop by and check out your sweet bird. ***smile**

Belinda Peterson said...

Thanks for stopping by. She is sweet....