Fun Today Before The Big Reveal

Monday you learned we had a mccaw.
Tuesday you learend we had a cat.
Wednesday you learned we had a Lilac Crown Amazon.
Before I introduce you to our newest addition tomorrow I thought we'd have a little fun today.
Can anyone guess what our new addition is? With hubbys pet store background it could be anything. Or it could be another common household pet.
What's your guess?


Anonymous said...

A baby ???!!! You were pregnant and didnt tell any of us !!!

Belinda Peterson said...

Wow. Not!!! Goodness, are you trying to give me a heart attack? I'm around the little grandchildren half a day and am worn out. Girl, a baby?

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna say a dog. A ginormous Great Dane.


Dee Ann said...

I guess I can't reveal the answer since I already know what it is.... :)
(but a baby? wow haha)