The Boyz Are Rockin'

The boyz were rockin' last night!! One of my new fav's David Cook---you gotta love that guy. Jason was awesome--most of them did a really good job. Isn't it amazing how the crowd cheers when Simon says "I loved it!"
That's his new phrase for the year I guess. Unless he's said it before and I never paid attention.
But I'll be like Simon about last night.


Girls, watch out.


Carol Burnside said...

Well, in all honesty, Simon's used that phrase before, but it's RARE. As is "FABulous!" another of his rarities. -ggg-

I thought the guys did great last night, except Luke. I'm just not a fan of his voice. Too girly for me.

Can't wait to see what the ladies bring to the table tonight!

Belinda Peterson said...

I'm with you on Luke. He's very cute---but that voice--just not my style.

I can't remember yesterday, so I don't know why I thought I could remember what Simon said last year......Hmmm....
But I like it when he says it. For some reason it seems to have clout.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have seen Simon !!! Ashtabula county is in a state of emergency, we had a horrible ice storm and most of the city is still without power after 36 hours..... We are lucky with that at the moment however I woke at 345 am Wed. to what sounded like a train but it was only a tree going through our garage !!! What a mess in Ohio !!