Idle Girls!!

Yes, I spelled Idle the way I wanted to. Idle.

They weren't that intersting last night. What happened? They are nervous and pitchy. (I never even heard the word pitchy until I started watching Idol--now I use it like I know exactly what I"m talking about!)

I liked Brooke--she's always been my fav girl. She's fun.

We'll have to see what happens tonight. I think they are going to be in real trouble when they are combined with the boys. The boys are rockin this year.


Jane said...

I agree with you. I was very disappointed that Alexandrea was eliminated. I like Brooke too and the other one I like is Kristy, the girl that loves horses from Oregon
It is going to be an interesting contest. My absolute favorite is David Archuleta. Oh my, he has a wonderful voice.
Lindi, did you attend Lay Missionary Training??? My husband (Warren)seems to think you did.

Belinda Peterson said...

Hi Jane,

David A is my favorite!! He is so humble and good and all that great stuff Idol should be.

And yes, I attended lay missionary training last year. My dh is now being considered for the lay missionary training chair person because Barbara Macnamara is no longer able to do that position.
I totally enjoyed the training and Warren can movtivate--and teach--and I really enjoyed his classes.
Thanks for stopping by and we'll have to have Idol updates during the week.

Missy Tippens said...

I'm glad I read your blog, Lindi! It reminded me that I still need to watch the taped show from last week!

Missy :)

Carol Burnside said...

I love, love, love AI, but never vote! How bad is that? Although I thought the girls did better than the guys this week.

The surprise for me on Thurs was that Amanda Overmyer didn't get voted off. David A, David H, and Michael Johns are my fav guys, with Jason Castro as a close 4th. He's got a folksy sound I kinda like. Carly, Syesha, and Kristy are my girl favs with Brooke a close 4th. She hasn't shown the range or versatility the others have--so far. Overall this year has very strong contestants.

Biggest gripe? Ramiele's hair. I just want to yell, "OMG, girlfriend! Get that swoopy swatch over to the side and out of your eyes!" LOL!

Carol Burnside said...

Oh, and Alexandrea was robbed. Don't know what happened there. The girl could sing.

Missy Tippens said...

I couldn't believe Amanda didn't get voted off either, Carol! She sounded horrible. And then when the whole group sang, I thought she sounded awful, too. I keep calling her Cruella Deville. :)


Belinda Peterson said...

Carol and Missy--thanks for stopping by.

Yes, Alexandrea got ripped off---I really liked her. Believe it or not, I've read other blogs and heard other people who don't want Amanada to leave. I think her voice is interesing, but she needs to be in tune....that would help. She must have in Hollywood for them to put her through.
And Jason is great too....
We'll see what happens this week.