Website Update

Okay--I've had a website since the summer. It's been "under construction" since then. Meaning I don't know what I'm doing, haven't had time to figure out what I'm doing and am too cheap right now to hire someone who knows what they're doing.

So this weekend I decided to try and tackle the thing myself. It's not where I want it to be, but it's a far cry from where it used to be.

I have a background I like, I've uploaded a photo and an image....stuff that took me a little while to figure, out but I did it.

There's something to figuring out this stuff for yourself. I'm not going to say I'm into computer stuff and all that. I'm not. But this webpage came with some very helpful pointers and a beginning. So, it's a start.

Check it out here if you want. Let me know what you think.

Another reason I like learning how to do this myself is I can change it at will.

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Missy Tippens said...

You've got a great start on your website!! Nice job, Lindi. :)