It's All Free!!!

Don't you just love the freedom we have in Jesus?

I think some people view living a Christian life as living a boring, rule-filled existence where they can have no fun. Nothing can be further from the truth. The reason God sent Jesus to this earth is nothing short of a miracle. Jesus was alive and well, interacting with people just like you and me. But he was perfect-void of sin. We are not.
The message of Jesus is love. I know I can't begin to imagine the whole, perfect, complete love God has for us. But the little I can wrap my mind around thrills me. Knowing our God, loves us so much, He sent Jesus to us to teach, live and live out the love He embodies.
Jesus is alive and active today in all of our hearts. He wants us to show the love our Father has for us as we live out our lives. Knowing we have such an awesome teacher, mentor and guide gives us the freedom to be who we are in Jesus---Praise God!

There has been some stirring in my heart all week, and I feel these words sum it up.

Let the love of Jesus flow
Take it with you where ever you go.
He's in your heart, He's in my heart.
From the love of Jesus we never part.
Be free! Live free! Love free!
In Jesus that's how we will be.

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