Peace Be With You

The months of July and August are virtually months in motion for me. Between one conference, one mini-conference, my family reunion, a trip to the beach, my granddaughters first birthday, my friends wedding, my planned week long document search for an IRS agent, (work related, not personal) another friends birthday, a bible study and who knows what else will come up, I feel like a girl on a mission.
Underneath all these plans and commitments there is an underlying peace. It is the peace of Jesus. If I didn't know Him, the ultimate planner and master of the universe, I might try and attempt this schedule on my own. I'm sure the results would be disastrous. But the peace of our Lord is what keeps me in line, keeps me from panicking, keeps me from losing sight of what our true mission is.
We are disciples, called to minister. Anywhere, everywhere. I have a lot of ground to cover, a lot of people to meet. I pray the peace stays with me, and also with you.

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Missy T said...

What a crazy summer, Lindi! I'm glad you're able to keep at peace--God's peace. You're like me, checking things off your list one at a time. :)

When I read your IRS document search thing, I thought you said the FBI!! LOL