God-a-be----I can't take the credit for the phrase. I think Missy and I thought of it together. But it's the term of the week. Let's use it in a sentence.
"It's God-a-be in God's time."
This is my focus because the editor who really liked my manuscript, Girl in Waiting, sent me a rejection letter this week with seemingly no reason except for it didn't quite fit the line at this time.
"Didn't quite fit the line at this time."
If we dissect that sentence we could read so much into it. What's the "quite" word really mean? She typed it. Does that mean the manuscript is not "quite" there? As in ready? The phrase "at this time" raises more questions. Do I resend when the time is right? (All of my writing pals, don't cringe. I would never resend without invite). Anyway, that's the business of writing. It's not always clear cut and if we spend too much time reading between the lines, we'll never get any writing done.
So I'm not dwelling on the rejection. I'm working on the it's God-a-be God's time theory. I do my best to do my part, and leave the timing and the things that aren't in my control in His.


Missy T said...

Yes, I think I said something like, it's gotta be God's time, and Lindi, you said the God-a-be part. So you can take credit! :)

Sorry, again, for the R. We'll just keep showing up and doing our part and let God do His part.

Missy--who may actually update her own blog tonight! A miracle! :)

Dee Ann Wood said...

Wow. I finally made it to your Blog site. (?) I am also so sorry about your book. Obviously, if they knew the writer behind the book, it would have never been rejected. Your day will come when you get to shine and your name will be written with the stars. Until then, God-a-be waiting with the rest of us.
I love you and miss you
Dee Ann

Michelle said...

So sorry about your R, but I LOVE the God time.

He has a plan for you and your story and in His time it will come to fruition.

Michelle's Writing Space