Turn your eyes upon Jesus

Here it is. RWA National Conference time. This year it is in Atlanta. Since I live right outside of Atlanta I will be attending. There are so many things I'm looking forward to. One of them is our Faith, Hope and Love first ever one-day conference. I think it will be a great day of learning (2 workshops are planned) great food, (a lunch is included) and fellowship. ( A worship service will begin after lunch.)
It will be a great time to meet new people, see people you haven't seen in a long time and fellowship with others who enjoy the same passion of writing. Not only do we share the same passion for writing, we also share the same ultimate goal in our writing. The glory of our one and only Jesus. There is a special kinship in those who gather with the same focus. It's hard to explain, and not everyone would understand. Throughout the week there will be all sorts of workshops, networking, meeting all kinds of people. If we turn our eyes toward Jesus, we won't ever lose our focus. Glory to God.


Michelle said...

I was so hoping I could swing RWA this year, but alas, no such luck. Have fun! Hope to see you next year!!!!

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Missy T said...

I can't wait!!!


Belinda P. said...

I was hoping to meet you this year. Maybe next year. I hope the writing is going well. Your blog is awesome by the way. You are doing a great job of that.

We'll miss you!!

Belinda P. said...


I can't wait either. I bought munchie stuff and sodas today. We will not starve!!!

Shelley said...

Saw your comment on another blog and thought I would stop by and say hi.

It's always great to come across other Christian writers! I've started a webring for Christian writers if you are interested in joining it (called Writing For Christ). You can find the link on the sidebar of my writing blog Ink Scrawls. Any Christian writer is welcome to join.

I'll bookmark your blog and be back again!

Belinda P. said...

Thanks Shelley,

I'll look for your blog. It is good to come across Christian writers. Thanks for stopping by.