So, my hubby and I took the grandkids to the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway this past Saturday. We bought tickets in advance and had the day planned. Friday night I tried to be proactive. I tried to charge the camera battery. I mean, what good grandparent doesn't take pictures on a day trip with the grandkids? Especially when you've going to a very cool and scenic place.
I looked at looked and couldn't find the charger. My hubby got home around midnight from an out of town business trip and I told him about not being able to find the charger.

Hubby: "When did you use it last?"
Me: "Can't remember."
Hubby: "You really need to have a spot where you put all those types of things."
Me: "I do have a spot. It wasn't there."
Hubby--giving me a funny look: "Well, then you must not have put it back. I think I remember you calling me recently and asking me to bring it to you, but then you said you already had it."
Me: "Hmm."

I mean really--what do you say to that? It's Sunday night and I still can't find it. I would show you the picture we had to pay $10 bucks for because we were at the mercy of the Scenic Railway people--you know, because we didn't TAKE our camera, but I gave it to the grandkids to take home. A souvenir.

But can you picture this?
The train.

these two cute kids

and me and my hubby on the train.

I really need to work at being a better grandma!

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Meg said...

But you ARE a great grandma even if you couldn't find your charger!