New Ideas

One of my favorite parts of writing, besides writing 'The End' when I'm finished with a novel is coming up with the ideas for a novel. Then, when I get the ideas it usually takes a little time and tweaking to flesh them out enough for me to write. After I write about 3 chapters I'm usually in 'the zone' for that novel, and can somewhat plan a little bit more of it.
I do have to know the ending before I start. But of course it's a happy ending. Nothing else will do!
So, this morning, I've been working away and I've come up with almost everything I need for a 3 book proposal. I have one more item I'm working on, and I will be thinking on that today. With any luck that one part will come to me and I can jot it down. :)
Then I have all I need to keep working on my series.

There's so many things I love about the writing process--what about you?

Lindi P.
Happy Endings Are Just The Beginning

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Ciara said...

I love once I finish the outline and I begin the story. The ideas are there but I'm free to take it in any direction I want. This is when I get lost in another world, fall in love with the characters without worrying about the prose. :)

I'm so excited about your book signing Saturday, Lindi. I have a sitter and everything. :) See you then.