Chronological Bible Reading Week 2

Hi all!! I hope you are liking the pace of the 2 year plan. It gives a little more time for reflection, plus if you are doing another study there's time for that, also.
Here is the schedule for week 2.
(I'm going through Sunday the 16th-Sometimes, in the 2 year plan, they give 2 days to read a passage of scripture. That's what is happening this week.) But I'll still post the new schedule next Sunday.

Jan 9-10 Genesis 12:1-15:21
Jan 11-12 Genesis 16:1-20:18
Jan 13-14 Genesis 21:1-24:67
Jan 15-16 Same as Above (this is what I meant by the 2 day plan)

So this week, we'll read Genesis 12-24.

May God be revealing to you as you read.


Angela Breidenbach said...

I'm doing the Chronological reading too. I started the plan as a trial around conference time. But I didn't do it. So I started it again and am really liking it!

Lindi said...

I really like reading chronologically. Plus this 2 year plan gives you time to study in other ways also.