Talk to Me

My friend and cp Missy has been coping lately with the "first son goes to college syndrome." Her son went just far enough away that coming home for the weekend won't happen every weekend. She misses him terribly and I know what she means.
My son is now a senior in college. And yesterday was an amazing day for me:

I had about six different conversations with my son ranging from school finances to the upcoming wedding of his sister.

Now these are special times in a mother's life. Sometimes I go for over a week without chatting with Alex. But days like yesterday are special because you can't help but want to converse with the people you love.

So if you love somebody and haven't talked with them in a while, pick up the phone. Say hello. It would make their day!!!


Jane said...

SO true! My son is 31, married and a father and I STILL am thrilled when he wants to talk to me about something or when he drops in for a few minutes. Communicating with those we love the most is very important.

Belinda Peterson said...

Amen to that! My daughter is getting married this weekend so I get to hang out with the boy-child for 3 whole days. Yeah!!

Missy Tippens said...

Well, it's been a month now, and I'm finally adjusting. I don't worry if I miss a day or two without talking to him.

But we just went to our fav Chinese restaurant tonight, and we didn't get the big table as usual. Now we just get a regular 4-top. :(

Little things like that upset me. I'll live, though. :)