RWA and Other Stuff

This week is the Romance Writers of America National Conference. I am not going to attend. Weddings and work are the priority right now. Working so we can pay for the wedding.
But my cp Missy Tippens is headed to San Francisco today. I know she'll have a great time and see lots of people she gets to see once a year. Conferences are good for a lot of things. Learning, socializing, getting away. Take your pick. Or pick them all.
This year Missy will have to do them all for me.
I'll miss being there, but not to worry. I will be attending the ACFW conference in September. All the F.A.I.T.H. girls will be there. I'm very excited to be together for the first time. All of us. And it's in Minnesota. I've never been there. Not that I'll get to see too much. Of course the book signing is at the Mall of America, so I hope to get a chance to walk around there a bit.
If you're reading this and you are going/or are at the RWA conference let us know how it's going. If you're reading this and are not attending, we'll live it through Missy. If you normally go let us know what you'll miss most about not being there in person.
For me it's attending the RITA/GH ceremony. I love to get all dressed up. And they do such a great job of presenting the awards. They always have something funny happening and/or a great skit to keep us entertained.


Jude said...

Hey Belinda:

You can follow RWA via folks blogging during and after the conference at a number of sites, including the one I run: Blogging National.


Belinda Peterson said...

Thanks, Jude. I'll check it out.

Missy Tippens said...

I'm back! It went great!!

But I'm wiped out. :)