Left Behind

For the last month and probably the next two months I've been leaving my home on Tuesday mornings to head up to Oak Ridge Tennessee where I've been working. I'm not a traveling type of person normally when it comes to work, so I'm a little out of my element in all this. I love to travel, but with my hubby and or family. Not myself. My boss is there with me sometimes, but sometimes she's not.
I take my computer and try to make the best of the evenings and early mornings by writing, catching up on email and the blogs I like to viist.
Well, this week I get to the hotel Tuesday night and pull out my computer. I search the bag for the charger and realize I had left it in Atlanta. So I have less than 45 minutes of time on the computer for the whole week.
To top it off I have a spider bite and my leg is the size of a grapefruit. Very uncomfortable. I will not go into the details as they aren't very pretty.
So my week was spent watching a lot of reality TV. There are reality shows for everything. I mean everything.
I had no idea.
So from now on you bet I'm going to double check that bag to make sure I have all I need before I go.
What about you? Have you ever left something behind?


Jill's Jibberish said...

I did the very same thing when we went to Gatlinburg last year. I guess like many other things, it runs in the family. Sorry. I know cuz Wendy will blame me & this time she is right.

Belinda Peterson said...

HI there,

Well there are worse things that can happen right? So this is an okay thing to blame on you.

Anonymous said...

I left behind my thought about posting !!! Must be cause Im left handed....hint, hint........

Belinda Peterson said...

Hmmm....What are you implying?

Carol Burnside said...

Yeah, I have. When I do, I try to improvise. Either I utilize paper and pen I've brought or I'll buy some and people watch. I'll make notes on characters.

If I'm watchin TV or movies, I jot down story lines, characters or concepts I liked that I might use in a story sometime. Things like "soup kitchen cook who used to be a mob informant" stuff like that.

While stuck in the car on a recent trip, I came up with about 7 different ideas for short stories.

I've even been known to hand-write the bones for a random scene in my WIP, just to keep my head in the story. ;)

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...


I generally leave something behind everytime I go on vacation. But being without my computer while away from family and home would be horrible. I'm so sorry for your bad week and the spider bite. Hope next week will be much better.

Belinda Peterson said...

I think I should try writing the bare bones of a scene free hand. That is something I haven't done in a long time.

Belinda Peterson said...

I had a much better week this week. Thanks!!!