Read Me Please!!!!

I had to share today's devotion. It's from Daily in His Presence by Andrew Murray.
June 5:
Don't be afraid, just believe. Mark 5:36

How simple, yet complex.

But it's true. We don't have to be afraid. We can just believe. Not that all of life is going to go well. Not that there won't be things that break our hearts. Not that you won't have a bad day, or a flat out mad day. But there is a hope. There is an underlying joy at the base of these not going well, breaking our heart, bad, mad days.
Don't be afraid, just believe.


Anonymous said...

What a comment for the day.....Im sure by now you have heard of Cousin Michael's passing ??? Ive talked to cousin Kristi and Susan.........but i know, you never knew him well..........Sometimes this GOD issue has me and your Buds are the best ones to ask for advice ???

Belinda Peterson said...

Yes, I did hear about cousin Michael's passing. I remember him from the last reunion I attended. And his daughter Susan was there??or he talked about her. I feel like I've met her, too.
But yes, praying for the family. Praying for peace. This is why we have to be right with God at all times. We just don't ever know what God has in store for us.
And like the post says, we don't need to be afraid....we just need to believe.

Anonymous said...

i think it's OK to be afraid too............

Belinda Peterson said...

It's okay to be afraid, we just can't let that fear rule our life...