How Many Books Can You Read At A Time?

Do you like to read? I love it. I read a lot of different genres. And I've started doing something I've never done before.
I can read two or three books at a time. Yep. I can and I do.
Usually they are different type of books, and whatever I'm in the mood for I pick that one up. Then the next day I may pick up the other one. It's really a different type of thing for me. I never used to be able to do this. It would drive me crazy.

I'm also working on a writing a couple of books. But that's harder for me to switch back and forth. I'm basically working on one, but have started another one to enter in a contest. That story idea has really progressed, but I'm putting it aside until I finish the other story. If ideas come for the second story I'll jot them down in my trusty notebook and keep on plugging away until the finish of previous said wip.

What about you? Can you read two books at the same time? If you write, can you work on more than one story at a time?


Anonymous said...

Girlfriend ?? Who has time to read more than one book at a time !!! Im so easily confused to begin with, I can't imagine !!!! But you go !!

Belinda Peterson said...

You are NOT confused. You are brilliant. You could do it. Time is why I read more than one....I can be in two worlds in the same week.

Jane said...

You know, I really can't do that. I get confused!!! I have read them one at a time.

Belinda Peterson said...


I think I just stay confused so maybe reading more than one at a time counteracts that. I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

WELL !! I hope you are home now from that vacation that you didnt tell us about !! Must be nice !

Belinda Peterson said...

I did tell you about the vacation. It was great. Will post some pics.