Halloween is over and the holidays are coming. Soon it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas. It's finally getting cooler here in Georgia. I have yet to wear a coat, but I think we're almost there. The leaves are falling and turning colors.
It's fall in Georgia a month and a half before it officially becomes winter.
Ah, the joys of living in the south.
What part of the country do you live in and have you seen the signs of the seasons changing?


Missy Tippens said...

I'm near Lindi, so have the same glorious weather! It was so nice and warm for trick-or-treating last night. The kids had a ball.

We do have some pretty leaves already. But I'm afraid the drought will make most leaves just dry up and fall off.

Prayers for rain would be very appreciated!


Belinda Peterson said...

Amen, Missy. We still do need rain, badly.

Anonymous said...

Hello all from FAR N.E. Ohio where we have been "leaf blowing" for the past two weeks although our weather has been great for this time of year. Most of the magnificent colors are gone and I believe that the only trees still loaded with green leaves are in our yard !!! Last year at Halloween we had a freak 3' snow storm so "up here" we are enjoying this !! I will admit however, that the 11 pm news last night indicated a poosibility of that white stuff next week............well off to round up the leaf blower....

Anonymous said...

Girl, its Monday morning and you are late posting !!! Im trying to stay awake long enough to check it out !! Get up !!! Darrell couldn't believe that was Alex with that beard !!!! He want to know how much weight he has gained !?!? Get up, get moving !

Belinda Peterson said...

I was having issues this morning. But all is well. Thanks for checking it out. You said you were going to call me. And you haven't. I guess I'll have to call you. What are we going to do when Idol comes on? Are you going to change jobs?
Miss you much!!!
PS--I've posted now.

Jane said...

The weather here is beautiful but BOY, do we need rain!
I was just checking in on some blogs I have neglected to sorry :(.....
Hope your weekend is wonderful!