Hot, Humid, Houston

I'm in Houston, Texas and boy is it hot and humid. The sun is shining and there isn't a dark cloud to be found. I'm here for work, but I had something very nice to look forward to.
Lenny's Aunt and Uncle live here. Actually 15 minutes from where I"m working and literally within walking distance of the hotel I was staying at. I took a "hotel" break tonight and spent the evening with them and their son whom I've never met before, but boy can he grill a fabulous steak.
Aunt Ruth made scalloped potatoes...salad...and homemade chocolate cake. Can you say I'm not eating for a week!!
It was a fabulous visit and if I have to come back here, I will be staying with Aunt and Uncle. They have a warm and lovely home and I enjoy their stories and visiting with them.
And maybe if I come back it will be a little cooler.
I hope!


Anonymous said...

Oh come on F.A.I.T.H. Cousin Wendy have a pity party for Lindi, she's so hot and sticky and she feels SO fat !!! Enjoy Cuz, weather wont be that great for too awful long ! (At least not here, but we are heading in the 80's the next few days and that's unreal for us!) Christy, I hope ONE of you is writing ? Im watching your meters........ and Lindi, time for another contest, Im done reading all of your books !
Love you MORE/MOST........

Belinda Peterson said...

Hey cuz, I still owe you one!!
I'm back in Atlanta, still fun but not so hot. It's a bit cooler here. Of course it is late at night!!
Miss you much!!!
And I"m writing. Didnt you see my meter go up Tuesday or Wednesday?
It did. About one thousand words.