Sappy Love Poem Contest--Come and have fun!!

Okay all.

This coming Saturday is my wedding anniversary. I really want to tell my guy how much I love him. But I'm having a hard time.
You see, I can't write poetry.
This is where the fun begins.
I'm going to write 3 lines of a poem. All you have to do is write the last line.
I'll put up a different stanza tomorrow and Friday and by Saturday we'll have a great sappy love poem to give my guy.

Anyone who leaves a last line in the comments section will go into the drawing. At the end of each day, I'll randomly draw a winner. Their last line will go on the sappy love poem for that day and their name will go into a drawing for an awesome pair of earrings to be given away on Saturday--my anniversary.

Now the thing is, I'm not thinking of these stanzas ahead of time. I'm winging it just like you are.

Here we go....
The first stanza of the Sappy Love Poem-----

I remember the night that we first met,
I gazed into your eyes.
I knew right then I'd never forget

Okay---what will I never forget?

Go to the comments section and add the last line. Have fun. I'll post the winner at 11:00 tonight, then tune in tomorrow for stanza 2.


j_bv said...

I'd have to give up all the other guys.

Anonymous said...

that a tropical bird makes a pretty cool pet

Anonymous said...

we belong together, like a burger & fries

Amy Wallace said...

How kind you were and wise.

(that's from my oldest~ she's a pretty good poet, huh?)

Meg said...

That I'd finally found my prize.

Missy T said...

Well, Meg, great minds think alike! LOL

So, let's see, I'll try again...

The whisper of your sighs.


P.S. I love the bugers and fries line!! LOL

Angela Breidenbach said...

Hi Lindi,
I'm not a professional poet, lol, just pulling on some old classes I took years ago. I hope it's helpful.
You wrote:
I remember the night that we first met,
I gazed into your eyes.
I knew right then I'd never forget

Okay, we need some meter here. It has to have a patterned beat. Right now you have 10 beats, 6 beats, and then 9 beats. This will make it tough to follow with each stanza. Try keeping all the lines the same pattern or with only one different to keep the patterns and beats musical to your ear. So...

I remember the night that we first met, (10)
The gaze in your eyes I'll never forget (10)
Warm and bright, deep and wild (6)
The entire world spun within your smile (10)

Now it looks like the word "entire" should be two beats, but look at the way you can or might actually say it phonetically. en-tie-ur.

If you like the above verse, then you need to stay with the 10, 10, 6, 10 pattern to maintain the integrity of the poetry for your future stanzas. If not, then whatever you do like, find the pattern and stick with it.

Thanks for this really fun combined effort:-)

Anonymous said...

Missy knows a good line; however Angie is right - there's no meter.
So how about:

The night that we met
I gazed into your eyes
I'll never forget
you ordered a Big Mac & Fries

Dee Ann Wood said...

The moment that made my heart complete.

Lisa said...

What a match made in heaven we are,
And how cool your daughter's can be.

hehe! :)

Belinda said...

Thanks for all the great last lines.
And I agree with Angie---I have no meter, but since my husband has no meter either, he wouldn't notice.
I'll keep the drawing open until

Thanks again!!

Belinda said...

anonymous with the tropical pet line...that's great and let's try to get another burger and fries line in today.
Amy---your daughter is a very good poet. I know she can come up with another fab line today.
Missy and Meg----remember if two people say it....
Ang---way to kick up my little contest a notch...
Dee Ann---thinking from the heart---that's you!! Great line.
And Lisa---love the line about the car---because you have the coolest car ever! That's a fact.

Belinda said...

And mother....I know how you hate to give up all the guys...but you've found your special one, haven't you?

George said...

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