Reading, Writing, and Emotions

As many of you know I LOVE to read. Love it! I have read so many good books over the years. We moved to our house a couple of years ago and are just now ready to start finishing our basement. There is a room that is going to be a library. I can't wait to unpack all my books and put them on the shelves. I LOVE books. Which is probably one reason I became a writer.
And speaking of me being a writer I have good news. My mother read my book, Girl in Waiting. She's had it for a while and now has read it.
She said she liked it (well, she is my mother!!). She even said she shed a tear or two.
Thanks, Mom!!!
What books have you read that have had you shedding a tear, laughing out loud, rooting for a character?


j_bv said...

The first one that comes to mind was the only one that produced gut-wrenching sobs that went on forever. That book was, of course, The Thornbirds. Remember how we cried together long distance on the phone during the miniseries?

Belinda said...

I knew----I didn't read ahead--and I knew you were talking about the Thornbirds. And yes, how can I forget watching Tv via the phone and sobbing together over that movie.
We need a girls night to watch it again. This time let's add B-girl to the mix....
And Tiff. Yeah.
We could even make Wendy watch it when you/me (still working on it) are in Ohio.

Anonymous said...

Get a life you too !!!! Jill (MOM) what was the first book you gave me to read - do you remember ?? I do !!!! Lindi, of course, I havent received anything new to read of YOURS for a long time. I guess Mom rates.........And cry ?? Heck I STILL cry during Bambi !! See Ya'll in May, its gonna be a blast !

Anonymous said...


I created an Identity, and Im still anonymous - I give up -

Message from Cousin (Niece) Wendy

Christy LaShea Smith said...

The last book I read that made me cry was Ransomed Dreams by Amy Wallace.

The one before that - one that made me really boo-hoo was When the Heart Cries by Cindy Woodsmall.

I laughed out loud at Melody Carlson's These Boots Weren't Made for Walking.

And Nicholas Sparks' books usually make me cry, which is why I've put off reading Dear John.

Belinda said...

Cousin Wendy,
I haven't written another book since the last one you wrote. If I sent you what I'm working on now, trust me you would cry because it's such a mess!!!
And what book did mother give you? If it's x-rated or something, don't say.....I'll find out later.
And Christy, I read Amy's and Cindy's....They were really awesome! Nicholas Sparks brings tears to my eyes....all his books.
I'm about to read Missy's book and I'm sure I'll shed a tear there, too.

Belinda said...

I mean since the last one I wrote...Geez. It's late, I"m tired.