Beeee-u-ti-ful= Beautiful

Isn't Cosmos beautiful? Cosmos is a Scarlet Macaw. He has a fabulous home with Scott(pictured here) and Veronica.

Cosmos also has someone else to keep an eye on him. Zeus (I hope I spelled that right, Scott!) the cat.

God is so incredible! Who else could have created the beauty that Cosmos is. The brilliant colors, the intelligence, all put together by the greatest creator of all. God created us for his pleasure, therefore he created other beautiful creatures for us to enjoy.
"All creatures of our God and King....Lift up your voice and let us sing....Oh praise him, Halleluiah!!!"


Missy T said...

Wow! And the cat just sits there and looks at him?? :) How cool is that?

He's beautiful!

Missy :)

Belinda P. said...

Hi Missy

Yes. The cat sits there. Almost like he's guarding him. That's why I took that picture. I love that image. Some people say they can't get a bird because they have a cat...well usually the cat is way scared of the birds!!!

Missy T said...

I wish my cats and dogs would get that message of peace on earth. The dogs think the cats are some kind of toys to chase (or maybe they think they're moving food), and thus the cats hate the dogs. It's no fun at all.


Sonja said...

Beautiful bird! I've always loved parrots.

BTW, I came by way of Suzanne's class index. :-) (I'm a co-moderator lurking on the loop.)

Angela Breidenbach said...

I've been here before but didn't know how to post, lol. I just figured out how to post to people's blogs tonight. I didn't know I was so computer challenged:-) Guess that's why I'm taking the class. You have a very interesting blog. I like the unique verse on top and the comfortable way you share the Lord.

Angela Breidenbach said...

Okay, I have to tell you that my 3 cats rule over my 2 big dogs. But, my dog Louie (half lab/half border collie) thinks that our little cat, Adi, is his own special bop 'em clown. She sits in the living room and he sneaks up behind her and bops the back of her head. Then he runs around the piano and does it again. LOL. It's fun to watch. Of course, the dog gets a mohawk every time our horse pets him over the fence. Chief lips Louie's fur up and down his spine leaving a long mohawk. He has to pet his puppy:-) Animals are great!

Susan Macatee said...

Beautiful bird! Years ago my oldest son had a parakeet. It's no longer with us. We now have a female boxer and my youngest son has an iguana.

I'm really surprised your cat doesn't go after that bird.

Belinda P. said...

Thank you ladies for the comments.
Susan, actually the bird is not mine, but I did hand feed him until he could eat on his own.
Angie, I've tried posting to your blog but I'm not able. I'll email you about the message.

Belinda P. said...


Just testing to see if my photo will come up