Abiding in Christ

Last weekend I had the awesome experience of attending a women's retreat with my friend Meg. It was sponsored by her church and most of the women attending are members of Meg's church. I knew some of the women from doing Bible studies with these ladies. I knew they were an awesome group before I went and I was certainly blessed by the ladies who spoke, the ladies I got to know and the whole atmosphere of the weekend. My very brief synopsis of the weekend is this.
Abide-Daily in Christ Jesus
One of the ladies who spoke mentioned a man by the name of Andrew Murray. His name may be familiar to some of you, but it wasn't to me. Now, I'm like a kid in a candy store. I've bought two books by him. The one I'm reading now is titled Abide in Christ. We've heard the term remove the scales off my eyes....well I feel like another layer of scales has fallen. I can't explain it really, but here is an entry from my journal I've started while doing this devotional.

Trusting Him to keep you. The concept is so simple. Trusting our weakness to the Mighty One-casting self on One who is altogether trustworthy and true.
I am captured of Christ Jesus.
Give up yourself to abide in Him. He Himself will work it in you. You can trust Him to keep you trusting and abiding.

Now some of those sentences are straight from the book. But this man makes so much sense. Here's a link to
Andrew Murray's works. Check them out. Just put his name in the search box. He's written a whole lot and I'm looking forward to reading a whole lot.

And congratulations go out to Missy T. She's a finalist in the Golden Network's Golden Opportunity contest. Yeah Missy!!!!!!!!Oh, and how could I almost forget. Missy also got a revision letter from Steeple Hill. I know's she's busy working on those revisions and we are praying this is the ONE.!!!!!!!!
And speaking of Missy, here she is with Liz Curtis Higgs.

I"ll be cheering for you, Missy!!!!!!!!!


Meg said...

I'm so glad you came to the retreat, Lindi. You were a true blessing, as always.

I need to read Andrew Murray again. I read some of his books when I was a teenager, but that was (ahem) a few years ago.

That's a great picture of Missy with Liz!

Belinda P. said...

Oh Meg, it was just a few years ago. Did you read a lot of A.M? I think his take on things is fascinating. I'm lovin' it.

Missy T said...

So glad you had a wonderful retreat!

Also, thanks for the photo! I'm so excited to have had my picture made with Liz. She was such an amazing woman and speaker!!

We're home from vacation. Now to catch up with email. Whew!

Cindy Woodsmall said...

Oh, wow, I'm soooo excited for Missy!! And thrilled at the great time you had at the retreat, Lindi.

Hugs to you both!


kayhodges said...

Dear Lindi,
Just got back from eating out with Jonathan's dad! It was fun but I missed you guys. 2 weeks will be a long time, I cant wait for us to be back on our normal schedule!
hope your weekend is going well. Jonathan called tonight from Nairobi, he already sounds like he's changed. I know that sounds wierd, but it's true. I know he is going to be changed forever by this mission.
Love you and God bless, I am looking forward to reading Andrew M

Belinda P. said...


It doesn't sound weird to say that J may have already changed. I can see that happening. I'm so excited to hear all about his trip when he returns.
Tell him if you talk to him again we are thinking of him and praying for him.