Still Working on the Make-Over

As you can see, it's nothing fancy by any means. Right now I'm into simple. Clean lines, soft colors, nothing jarring. I've had this background before, but I believe I've 'fixed' it down a little this time, if that makes any sense.

Will continue to work this out this weekend. But I'm liking it so far--how about you? Suggestions?


Christy Smith said...

looks good. I love blue, and I love the daisies in the background. It flows with the light feel of your book covers too.

Edwina said...

I really like the new look.Very soft and soothing. And it's not so busy that the important things are covered up by the busy stuff.

Lindi said...

Christy--I do like the blue, too. I keep trying to go away from it and I always come back to it. And I didn't think about the 'feel' of my books--thanks for pointing that out.

Edwina--thanks for checking it out. I like soothing....:)

Christy Smith said...

Lindi, go check out my blog when you have a minute - you inspired me to redesign ;)