When It's Not Working

I'm talking from a writer's perspective this morning.
I know all writers are different and they have their own way of doing things. Some plot, some don't.
Some know every scene before they start writing.
Some don't.
I don't.
But I've come to know my progress and it works for me. It really does. For the most part.
Today wasn't a most part.
And this is what I've learned over the years regarding my writing process.
If it's really hard to write a scene--usually it's the wrong scene.
I spent over an hour this morning on a few hundred words.
It's not working.
But, at least I have something down. I will think on what I've written. And I did have a light bulb moment while writing, so I know it was all worthwhile.
I need to take the light bulb moment and create my scene around that.
So, I will think on this today, then tomorrow get back at it.

How about you? What do you do when things seem like they're not working?

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