June is Almost Over

June--the wedding month, the first 'summer' month. It's a lovely month in most cases. This year for me it was the CRAZY month.
Crazy with activities, commitments and fog-inducing emotional issues. But today is the 28th. With 30 days in the month that only leaves 2 days.
Like everything will go back to normal because the calendar says it's July.
Well, one can hope, can't they?
Yes, June was all my own doing.
Yes, I said I'd judge this, teach that, take this class, prepare this workshop. Yes, I said those things. And I did those things. But I forgot--Do I have a husband? Children? Grandchildren?
Ah--I think I do.
I better go make sure they still know who I am and that I do LOVE them very, very much!!
Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed?
I think I'll have a ceremonial changing of the calendar when I flip the page from June to July. Sound like a good idea?


Vince said...

Hi Lindi:

It sounds like you need a wife to keep you grounded. : )


Lindi said...

My problem? I love doing these things. Oh, okay-that's not the problem. The problem is there are not enough hours in the day! Ha!

Thanks for stopping by.

Lindi P.

Sarah Allen said...

Sounds like your June was much like mine :) Ah, life.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Lindi said...

Hi Sarah,
Well, July is here--lets see if life is any calmer. ;)