Lately I've been so humbled by what God is doing. What He is showing me. It's been a bit crazy with a lot of things going on. My hubby will tell you I've been a little frustrated lately at certain things that are way out of my control. The foundation that has been set by the Lord is how I overcome the frustrating aspects of my life.
Then there's the joyful thing that's coming---my book release. I can't tell you how blown-away I am by what God is doing in that part of my life. He receives all the glory for anything good regarding this whole process. I received a glimpse of my cover concept--needless to say I was thrilled. It also came on a day when I needed a thrill, if you know what I mean.
Some days the only thing we can rely on is the Lord and His provision.

Has the Lord given you provision lately to get through or over something?


sarah said...

Hope you're day is going well...I am so excited to see your book cover too. Hope everything is alright, sorry to hear about your frustration. I left you a message yesterday! Call me soon! Love you!


Lindi said...

Saree---Love you girl! Will call.

Ciara said...

Every day I'm humbled and reassured by his love. I hope the frustrations are only part of the path to greatness for you.

Ginger said...

Oh My Goodness, You hung in there and "Waited on the Lord" patiently all this time, but His time is never- ever late. I am so proud of you and so excited for you as I know you are. Love You!

Lindi said...

Hello my friend!! I'm glad you stopped by here. The Lord is indeed good, isn't He? And I thank Him for putting you in my life when He did. I'll always be thankful for you and the lady you are.