Changing The Look--Again!

Yes, here we are. Changing the look of the blog again! But there is something about this red color that I like. Maybe it's because red is the color I associate with love. Red is the color of the blood Jesus shed on the cross so God could show His ultimate love for us.
So to me, red is important.

This is the card my dh gave me for Valentine's Day. I love it! See how much red is on it?

When I think of summer I think yellow.
When I think of tears I think soft blue.

What about you? do Do you have a favorite color? Are there colors you always associate with certain things?


Meg said...

I like the reds. They're strong and lively. Like you. :)

My personal favorites are usually shades of green. Maybe that comes from years of gardening. Or trying to garden, anyway.

Lindi said...


Thanks for coming by. Yes, greens would remind me of being outside. I'm afraid I haven't done much gardening, but as I type I'm looking out of the window at my hubby gardening. :)